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My STORY. The beginning…

The Journey Begins It all started, when I fell in love with me. A majestic spiritual being. With the kindest heart, filled with genuine love for humanity. Yes! I am dramatic and super positive. I have a great time living my life. Now I am truly live. Throughout my life, I always felt lonely and I never truly myself. Honestly, it was painful. I never … Continue reading My STORY. The beginning…

Trip for Thought; Allowing hurt.

Hey you, thank’s for coming by. Backpacking across the west coast of Canada with Oliver. I learnt how sensitive I am and how I allow myself to be hurt. By how someone else is being. I was so mad and annoyed of how insensitive Oliver was to my feelings. Then I realized I was being such an annoying little bitch, he was soft, I was … Continue reading Trip for Thought; Allowing hurt.

Happie @ “Bigger Than We” Pride event

O Happie Days I am Back and I am Black! Hello there, how you doing? I hope you are enjoying the celebrations of Pride 2017. Fresh off my back packing adventures through the west coast of Canada to Vancouver BC. Oh it was soooo necessary. Gurl! that trip lifted my consciousness to another dimension. And yes so many stories to come. But first, this past … Continue reading Happie @ “Bigger Than We” Pride event

WELCOME. Yes! Eat that Banana

One Take! Unedited. WELCOME !!! To The Happie Lifestyle. I love people, smiling and having fun. Weird. Yes! Crazy. Yes! Passionate. Oooh Yes! I LOVE being myself, trust me this wasn’t always true. Living a positive lifestyle makes me very Happie. Now I am sharing this with you. My Story. My Journey. My Mission. Lessons. Personal Growth. Positive Living. This is me. This is Happie. … Continue reading WELCOME. Yes! Eat that Banana

The Happie Oliver Show ep#3

Hello and welcome back to the Happie Oliver show! This week we did a mystery basket of different random foods. Listen! life always have mystery in situations and we have to make the best of it. Life lessons through cooking. Enjoy! Thank you for watching. Hope you had fun, check back every week for more vlogs. Until next time smile for you are beautiful. Continue reading The Happie Oliver Show ep#3

Why I Love Spirit Animals

Oh Happie day #heartbreak but we are okay! If you ever connected with an animal deeply, you know how it feels and how heartbreaking it is to say goodbye. But remember the connecting is so deep for we always in each other’s ❀️. Thank you Willie and Harlow for genuinely loving me for me, without judgement. Thank you for watching Until next time Smile for … Continue reading Why I Love Spirit Animals


Happie Monday Friends Hope you all had an awesome weekend. Yesterday was my first time back at a fashion show and watching Lesley’s ‘The Golden Hour’ Show reminded me why I love going to fashion week. Thank you Lesley for the advice: Check out Lesley and her journey on her social media Instagram: @Lesley_Hampton | Twitter: @LesleyHampton | #LesleyHampton I always enjoy the social atmosphere … Continue reading TWFW 2017 VLOG